International Women’s Day One Shot and Workshop

Hi Folks!

This is just a reminder that our international Women’s Day events will be running this Saturday the 14th of March.

Much like GEAS sessions on Sundays, the two events will be running with an hour break between them.
Our workshop on women in gaming will take place from 1pm -5pm in the study then the one shots will commence from 6pm-10pm in the same room.

For the one shots we will be asking female and female presenting folk to GM in order to allow them a space to explore different roles in Gaming but everyone is free to come along and play. To Sign up to GM please reply to this email. We will still be accepting pitches on the day but having a ball park number will be really beneficial in order to set up for the event. There is no game theme for this event so please run the one shot of your dreams, go wild and have fun!

As usual we will be selling limited edition Griffie the Griffin Stickers designed by a member of GEAS. This time our Stickers have been designed by Faye Sutherland and will make an excellent addition to your Griffie the Griffin sticker collection! The proceeds for these will be donated to Maggies a charity working with those that are affected by cancer and their families.

I’d also like to take this time to thank you all for your participation in the events we have been running this year, its been so rewarding to hear your positive feedback and see you all at GEAS with your stickers. This will be the last event of the year and it has been my absolute pleasure to run them all for you.

Hope to see you all there!

For the Glory of GEAS
Robyn Higgins Events 19/20