IWD One Shots

Hi all,

Unfortunately due to the poor turn out of the panel and the shutting down of the uni I’m going to have to cancel tonight’s event.
I am so sorry that we have to do this but I do t want to have to turn people away because there isn’t enough people to run.
I understand it is a difficult time and people are reluctant to attend events and this is obviously outside of our control.

I hope you all manage to stay safe and I hope to see you all again soon.

I deeply apologise to those looking forward to this event and hope that the committee next year can endeavour to continue to raise the platform of women in our society and will consider running this event again.

You can show support by replying to this email and ordering some of our stickers for the event. Depending on the situation i will either be handing them out at GEAS or mailing them to you , I will keep you updated.

For the last time, and for the glory of GEAS,

Robyn Higgins Events 2019/2020