Coronavirus and weekly games update

Hello Grand adventures!

With the growing concerns over Covid-19, geas has decided to take some precautions to help ensure games can continue in a safe manner. We would like to reiterate at this point that both EUSA and the government have given no advice or restrictions that will affect our usual Wednesday and Sunday games, should this change we will inform you and act on it immediately.

In the mean time, we want to offer to GMs of geas games the chance to purchase hand sanitizers and antibacterial wipes for your game tables if you and your players desire. If the GMs wish to do this, please purchase them and bring them along with your receipts to myself at geas on Sunday, or any other committee member on Wednesday, and we can refund you there and then. As for players, please communicate to your GMs if you would like them to do this for your own enjoyment and peace of mind. We will only be refunding one bottle of hand Sanitizer and two packets of antibacterial wipes per game due to how late into the semester it is. Please be considerate when deciding how luxurious the product you buy is.

At current the international women’s day event will be continuing unaffected

For the glory of geas,
Angus Barr
Treasurer 19-20