Newsletter and A Call for GMs

Hey there, adventurers!
In the lead up to the start of term, the committee have put together a newsletter to welcome our new members and introduce ourselves to the society.

As President and Editor-in-Chief, Robyn started the newsletter by addressing the challenges that current events have set ahead of us and how we plan to work through them. The committee answered some revealing and hard-hitting questions, such as what would our role be in an adventuring party? Spoilers: we don’t make a balanced group.

Vivek has put together some guidance about our move to Discord for the first semester, from how exactly pitches will work to how we’re going to keep the platform safe to use. Our Events and Socials co-ordinators have included details of what’s coming up in the GEAS calendar in the next few months. We also have some community submitted systems reviews to inspire your upcoming campaigns.

The newsletter can be found at:

GM Sign Ups
While we’re here, we’re still looking for GMs to sign up to run both Welcome Week one shots and campaigns for this semester. Submissions will be open until 24 hours before the event is due to start.

The one shot event will be taking place on Saturday the 19th September from 6pm-10pm, games can be submitted here:

While this semester’s campaigns will start on the dates below and can be submitted here:

  • Wednesday games from 6pm till 10pm, starting on the 23rd September.
  • Sunday afternoon games from 1pm till 5pm, starting on the 27th September.
  • Sunday evening games from 6pm till 10pm, also starting on the 27th September.

Keep safe out there,
Sophie Hine
GEAS Secretary