A Call for One Shot GMs and Memberships Are Now Live

Hey, adventurers!
I’d just like to say a quick thank you to those who have already signed up to run games for the Welcome Week event and this semester’s campaigns. Your support means a lot to us as we make the move online.
We Need You (to GM)
Our traditional evening of one shots will be taking place on the 19th September, running from 6pm till 10pm. Due to current restrictions it’ll be hosted on GEAS’s Discord server but should run in much the same manner that it normally does. We’re looking for GMs to run games on the night, with a game lasting around 3 hours. Anyone is welcome to GM regardless of experience or how new they are to the society.

However, we ask that GMs remember that they will be gaming with a lot of freshers and people they haven’t met before, so it may be a good idea to err on the side of caution in terms of content and themes that could be distressing. As usual all games need to abide by our Game Safety Policy, which can be accessed here: http://geas.org.uk/safety

Game submissions will close at 6pm on the 18th September, so that the server moderators can get the Discord set up. This unfortunately means we won’t be accepting games on the evening of the event. Submissions can be made here:

You can join the GEAS Discord server where we’ll be hosting the event here:

Finally, details about how we’re making the move online can be found in our September newsletter:

Memberships Are Now on Sale
Memberships are finally on available to buy via the EUSA webstore! The society voted last month to reduce membership fees for the upcoming academic year, as a result the fees for both students and non-students will be as follows:

First Semester: £0
Second Semester: £1.50
Full Year: £1.50

Although the first semester is effectively free, we still need you to ‘purchase’ your membership. This is to make sure that we have a full list of members and can make appropriate room bookings for the second semester, should we be able to meet in person.

With that in mind, please go to the webpage below to confirm your membership:

May the dice be ever in your favour,
Sophie Hine
GEAS Secretary