Hallowe’en Events, GMs wanted, and EGM on Social Media Manager

Greetings Adventurers,

(In this email: Reminder for GM workshops, Hallowe’en One-Shots, and Online EGM)

GM Workshop Tonight
Have you had a long, thriving career as an adventurer? Are you looking to become a GM so you can guide other players through their own whacky quests? Or are you someone who has GMed before and are looking for more pointers on how to run a game (or cope with players derailing everything)? Well, you’re in luck! Geas is hosting a GM workshop tonight at 6 pm on our Twitch channel! These workshops are a great opportunity for members who were looking to get into GMing to bolster their skills.

The topic for the workshop is the basics of GMing, including picking a system and preparing for a session.
You can watch the workshop live at https://www.twitch.tv/geaslive

You will also get a chance to ask our panel of GMs questions using the Twitch Chat. So be sure to tune in!

Hallowe’en One-Shots Tomorrow
As it’s the spooky season, we’re also having our annual Hallowe’en One-Shots tomorrow evening at 6 pm! This will take place on our Discord. If you haven’t already joined, you can do so at https://geas.org.uk/discord. The event will feature a roster of spooktacular one-off games to give everyone the chills (and not just because it’s getting cold outside). We will have a listing of games going live tonight, after our one-shots, so watch our web site and our Discord for it.

If you want to play a fun and spooky game, full of ghosts and ghouls and the like, come along to our one-shots tomorrow!

GMs Wanted for One-Shots!!
We are also looking for GMs for the Hallowe’en One-Shots! It would be awesome if we could get more folx to run games tomorrow. We have a lot of new members, and the more games we have the more people that get to play. The Committee will be immensely grateful to members who sign up to GM. Like we did for Freshers’ Week, GMs for the One-Shots will get priority in picking games at the next round of campaign pitches on 4 and 8 November.

If you would like to run a game for the one-shots, you can fill in the following form:

Bonus: here’s the amazing meme Stella designed.

EGM to Appoint Social Media Manager and Make Amendments to the Constitution
In response to Geas moving on-line, the Committee needs more support to run its on-line presence. We also propose to amend the Constitution to enable the Committee to co-opt members outwith General Meetings. In addition, the Committee is also proposing clarifications to its disciplinary procedures. The Committee is holding an EGM via an on-line ballot where members can vote on these proposals. As per the requirement of two weeks notice for an EGM, the deadline for the ballot is 6 pm on 6 November 2020.

Instructions for the ballot as well as the text of the motions being voted on can be found at:

Once you have read the motions, you can vote in the ballot at:
Please note that you will need to be a matriculated student to vote in the ballot, and you will need to sign in using your University of Edinburgh Office365 account.

We hope you’re all keeping well. Take care, stay safe, and stay spooky!

Vivek Santayana
Equality and Wellbeing Officer