Repitches, memberships and an EGM

Greetings fellow adventurers!

Spooky season is here, so it’s time for scary society activities like: repitches, chasing you for membership and, worst of all, voting!

Repitches Next Week

We’re now halfway through the semester, so it’s time for repitches! They’ll be held next week during our regular slots on Discord:

  • Wednesday 4th November at 6pm
  • Sunday 8th November at 1pm
  • Sunday 8th November at 6pm

For those of you who haven’t attended reptiches before, we like to give GMs a chance to re-advertise their game and fill empty spaces, or, start a new one if they’d like. If you’re currently in a game, your GM should ask beforehand who’s planning to stay on or give you notice that the game has come to an end. Otherwise they run just like start of term pitches, with new members having the first choice of games.

Membership Enforcement

From next Monday (2nd November) we’ll also be enforcing membership, this means if you haven’t bought membership from our EUSA page yet, and provided proof of purchase on our Discord, you won’t be able to take part in games hosted by GEAS. This first semester is free, but you still need to sign up and ‘buy’ it so that we know who’s playing.

Buy memberships here:

GEAS Discord:

Information on how to provide proof of purchase can be found in the #membership-signups! channel on the Discord.

EGM to Appoint a Social Media Manager

We also have an EGM ballot running until the 6th November.

The committee would like to appoint a Social Media Manager to help deal with the massive shift in how we advertise and operate online, additionally we’d like to be able to create urgently needed advisory roles without requiring an EGM. Finally, there’s some clarification needed on how GEAS’s Disciplinary Procedure is applied to lifetime members.

The ballot and further details can be found here:

As usual, only matriculated students can vote in the EGM and you need to sign in with your UoE Office365 account.

Keep it spooky,

Sophie Hine

GEAS Secretary