Semester 2 Pitches and Updates

Greetings, Adventurers!
It’s a new year and time to start some new games. I hope that you all had a pleasant and safe holiday season!

For a lot of you, this will have been a strange month, with many not being able to visit family or travel home. If you’d like to reach out and have a chat, or maybe a bit of a vent, we now have a safe spaces channel on our Discord. You’re welcome to talk about more sensitive issues here, and there are some additional rules in place to uphold the spirit of the channel.

The Discord now also has ping roles! We’re currently supporting notifications for: Among Us, Jackbox, Tabletop Simulator, Animal Crossing, or watch parties. To sign up for notifications, go to the #ping-roles channel and click on the reacts. This will then let other members notify you when they’re organising a game or gathering.

As always our Discord can be found at:

Once again, this year’s pitches will be held on the GEAS Discord server, with games running to the normal schedule:

  • Wednesday games from 6pm till 10pm, starting on the 13th January.
  • Sunday afternoon games from 1pm till 5pm, starting on the 17th January.
  • Sunday evening games from 6pm till 10pm, also starting on the 17th January.

GMs that would like to run a game this term can submit their information below, with submissions closing 24 hours before their session slot is due to start:

GM Workshop
We’ll be hosting another GM workshop this month, on Sunday 10th January at 6pm. The panel of guests will be talking about why you should give GMing a go, and how to get started. So, if you’re thinking about pitching a game this semester but are feeling a bit unsure, this is a great chance to get your questions answered.

As usual, our social will be happening on the third Friday of the month, this time on Friday 22nd January at 7pm. We’ll be hanging out in the socials channels, having a chat, and putting the world to rights. Come and make use of the new ping roles, gather some friends, and start a game or watch party. Maybe I’ll even stream some more of my awful CP77 gameplay.


Sophie Hine
GEAS Secretary