Game Submission Deadline Today

Greetings Adventurers!
This is a reminder that the deadline to submit Sunday games is at 6pm today. We’ve had an unprecedented number of new players this year, so if you’ve ever considered GMing then now is the time. If you’d like to GM a game at either the afternoon or evening slots, then you can register your game here:

Pitches for Sunday games will be held at 1pm and 6pm on the Discord server, and I’ll be publishing the lists of available games at 6:30pm tonight. Both listings will appear on this page:

We’d also like to thank you all again for bearing with the technical issues we had during Wednesday pitches and how quickly the games filled up. To help things run more smoothly this weekend we’ll be doing things a bit differently.

  • Each game will have its own dedicated sign-up channel on Discord.
  • These channels will then be revealed after all GMs have pitched their games.
  • Players wanting to join a game just have to write a single message in that channel to show their interest.
  • The committee will then manually add players in order of the chat history.

We’re also looking at ways to make sure everyone has the opportunity to join at least one game a week. So, if the chaos of Wednesday put you off attending tomorrows pitches then rest assured, we’re making some positive changes.

See you there!

Sophie Hine
GEAS Secretary