September 2021 Sunday Evening Pitch Listings

This is a listing of campaigns being pitched on Sunday evening, 26th September 2021. Pitches will take place at 6 pm on the GEAS Discord server. These games will take place on Wednesdays at the same time slot every week.

To sign up to a game, please join the GEAS Discord at

The post here is for information only, and sign-ups for games will happen live on Discord after the GMs have pitched their games.

12 Virtues of Krynn

System: Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition
GM: Roderick Easton
Description: 350 years ago mortal hubris reached its height… and was struck down. The gods shattered the land by dropping a Fiery Mountain on the city of Istar and then turned their backs on the world. With them went divine and healing magic. Now, a group of adventurers meet in search of the Gods and their magic, while an oppressive empire rises in the world.
This is an adaptation of the Dragonlance Campaign 15th Anniversary Edition. As well as updating to the current ruleset, I have replaced the traditional alignment system with one of diverse virtues where there is no absolute Good or Evil.
Format: Voice & Roll 20
Spaces: 6
Age Rating: 12
Content Advisories: Corruption, oppressed minorities, potentially bad family relationships.

The 19th Level

System: Homebrew
GM: YY Hutchison
Description: Welcome to the Midnight City, a place where vagrant spirits, demons and ghouls of all kinds revel under the lights of a thousand lanterns. It exists at twilight in the mortal world, ruled over by the fearsome and elusive Ghost Empress.

Word has it that deities have been mingling amongst your kind as of late – but you don’t believe it until you come across a mysterious stranger. He dons a black cloak and a wry smile, half-hidden by the veil of his bamboo hat. The stranger gives you a waist-card carved out of peach wood. And then he is gone.

This waist-card is the key to the nineteenth level of Hell. A level which does not exist.

Just then, a commotion can be heard: the guards of Hell are conducting a raid, grabbing everyone in sight and escorting them to the infernal gates. You are caught, and are now waiting to stand trial for your mortal sins.

In this game, you will have the chance to tour every realm: the mortal, the divine and the infernal. Can you escape the underworld? Will you reach the 19th level, and what lies beyond it?

(Genres: Xian-Xia (Chinese Fantasy), Adventure, Dark Comedy, Supernatural Horror.)
Format: Discord and Zoom. Players will have the option of using video, but this is not required.
Spaces: 6
Age Rating: 18
Content Advisories: As this game will take place largely in hell, it will have considerable themes of violence, death, supernatural horror and gore – although descriptions will not be very graphic. Players will be asked to inform the DM of their triggers beforehand so that extra care may be taken to avoid these during the game. There will also be a T-card system in place where players can flag the DM if they are uncomfortable, and we will take a time-out.

Avatar: Legends of the Great War

System: Avatar: Legends (PbtA)
GM: Vivek Santayana
Description: Water. Earth. Fire. Air. Long ago, the four nations lived in harmony. All of that changed when the Fire Nation attacked. The player characters will play a bunch of teenage adventurers who are living through the time of the Hundred Years’ War, before the events of the Avatar: the Last Airbender TV show. They will be going on adventures and helping towns and villages they come across stand up against tyranny.

This game is using the preview material of the official Avatar the Last Airbender RPG that is currently being kickstarted. The game uses a Powered by the Apocalypse system so it is fairly simple and story-focussed. The system is still in development so it does have a few bugs.

We will mostly be exploring a world of the players’ creation, so no prior knowledge of Avatar is necessary.
Format: Zoom, Discord for dice, Google Sheets for characters, and possibly a Wiki for collaborative note-taking
Spaces: 5
Age Rating: 12
Content Advisories: Fantasy colonialism and cartoon violence.

Curse of Strahd (Maya)

System: Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition
GM: Maya Beauchamp
Description: Bats screech, wolves howl, and innocents cower from the darkness that threatens to stamp out the light – and over this Gothic landscape of Barovia rules the enigmatic vampire lord Count Strahd von Zarovich. How will your heroes prevail in a world filled with monsters, madness, and basically just Evil things occurring? Excellent for fans of vampire films, Tim Burton movies, supernatural horror and dark fantasy.

Curse of Strahd is a Gothic Horror campaign set in a world of shadowy forests, terrifying monsters, suspicion, intrigue, and basically anything you could find in an even more messed up version of a Tim Burton movie. While there is plenty of light to balance out the dark, the campaign can get very dark if pushed that way, but in session 0 we can discuss what players are comfortable with and tone down anything that would stop people enjoying the game.
Format: Voice, Video-optional. Preferably Discord, possibly other platforms later on.
Spaces: 5
Age Rating: 15
Content Advisories: Strong fantasy violence, manipulation/abuse, murder, racism, mental illness, child abuse, animal cruelty, body horror, alcoholism, drug abuse, torture. All content warnings can be discussed and made lines or veils as appropriate to ensure everyone can still have fun despite the grim setting! So don’t worry if any of that seems offputting, we can work it out of the plotline with relative ease.

Curse of Strahd (Graham)

System: Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition
GM: Graham Hunt
Description: Curse of Strahd is a gothic horror adventure that takes players from levels 1-10 in the dreary land of Barovia. Count Strahd von Zarovich is the master of this realm in his castle Ravenloft, a classic dnd adventure. While Barovia may be grim, there are numerous places to explore, allies to win over, and enemies lurking around every corner. Barovia is also a very isolated place, so don’t expect to be able to waltz into a shop and find exactly what you want. This adventure is about survival in a land that is trying to kill you!
Format: Video with Roll20 or in person
Spaces: 6
Age Rating: 18
Content Advisories: Gothic horror, suicide, murder, blood and gore.

The Dracula Dossier

System: Night’s Black Agents
GM: Angus Balkham
Description: You were a soldier in the war on terror. Then you got out, or shut out, or burned out. You made your way in Europe’s clandestine networks, doing ops and not asking questions. You should have. You were working for vampires.
See, Dracula isn’t a novel. It’s a censored after action report of an 1890s’ cleanup operation. And it failed: Dracula isn’t dead – he’s spent the last century working his way into power.
In the Dracula Dossier, you’ll use an annotated copy of Dracula to find out what happened in – and since – 1893, and follow its leads to work out just who – if anyone – you can trust.
Format: Discord (voice/video), Roll20 (character sheets/rolling/conspiracy pinboard)
Spaces: 5
Age Rating: 15
Content Advisories: Horror: Gothic, Physical; depictions of mental illness; conspiracies and questions of government action

Dungeon High

System: Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition
GM: Jack Martin Seymour
Description: After a rather turbulent year at Adventuring Middleschool, the students are finally off to explore the new halls of Dungeon High, one of the most prestigious academies of the modern fantastical world, training the most seasoned adventurers, explorers and dungeoneers the known world (and probably the unknown world) can offer, in all crafts from arcane and divine casters, to the most angry and raging barbarians. This school year is gonna start off with a bang. But what secrets lie behind and within the school’s hall? Well come on in and find out!
Format: Discord
Spaces: 6
Age Rating: 15
Content Advisories: High school students of around 16, and generally wanna keep things PG but lines and veils can be discussed


System: Mutant hybrid of indie games
GM: Alan Jackson
Description: The dreams of flying are always the best. The ones of burning, screaming people more disturbing. The darkness and hunger for thousands of years truly horrifying.
You are a person in Edinburgh. Just trying to stay afloat.
You are a dragon. A creature of myth and legend feared and worshipped across the world.
But that was long ago.
Or maybe it’s tomorrow.
An urban fantasy game of transformation and identity. Of power and the decisions it brings.
Format: Video, via zoom
Spaces: 5
Age Rating: 15
Content Advisories: Action movie violence. Dehumanisation and questioning of identity.

Vampire: The Masquerade – Noctune

System: Vampire: The Masquerade 5th Edition
GM: Craig Oxbrow
Description: Vampire: The Masquerade is a storytelling game of personal horror, playing as people drawn into a society of monsters hunting in the shadows of a world that looks like our own. Knowledge of the system and setting is not required, the system is straightforward and characters can be new to the night.

The game is set in a city where vampire elders fight over power and the young have a chance to make their own fate.

Expect personal connections to humanity complicating existence as a vampire, mysteries and conspiracies, some violence though not much action, in a backdrop of dark alleys, nightclubs, galleries and graveyards.
Format: Discord video (voice only optional)
Spaces: 3-5
Age Rating: 15
Content Advisories: Blood, violence.

Wraith: The Oblivion

System: World of Darkness d10 Storyteller system
GM: David
Description: You have died, but you have not passed on. You still have work to do, perhaps it’s to help a loved one, to deliver a message, to get revenge, or learn the truth behind your death. You are not alone, your death splits you into two distinct personalities, the part that hopes and has passion, your psyche, and the darker side that wants to tare down, your shadow.
You play as your wraith’s psyche, but also as another player’s shadow, whispering dark thoughts or pleasing little lies. The shadow feels the call to oblivion and with it the desire to take down everything the wraith holds dear. The shadowlands are a harsh environment filled with wraiths from centuries gone by, but how many of them have succumbed to their shadows? Some speak of transcendence, where a wraith can resolve their business and finally pass on, but is it real?
Format: Roll20 with voice and video
Spaces: 4
Age Rating: 18
Content Advisories: Death, paranoia, deception, enslavement, horror, deep emotion, trauma. We will brief and debrief before each session and make good use of safety tools. Some parts of the setting can be curbed or removed entirely if desired.