Spooky Halloween One-Shot Pitch Listings

This is a listing of the Halloween one-shots taking place on Saturday evening, 30 October 2021. Pitches will take place at 6 pm on the GEAS Discord server. These games will take place immediately after pitches end, and will run for around 3 to 4 hours.

To sign up to a game, please join the GEAS Discord at https://geas.org.uk/discord

The post here is for information only, and sign-ups for games will happen live on Discord after the GMs have pitched their games.

Bite Marks

System: Powered By the Apocalypse
GM: Iona Adams
Description: Get in loser, we’re going bonding.
‘Bite Marks’ is a game about werewolf pack dynamics. Your pack is your family, your home, and where you are accepted with no questions asked. But, like any family, it’s deeply dysfunctional, and at times brutal. Love or hate it, your relationship with the Pack is the cornerstone of who you are and how you define yourself, from the dedicated Alpha to the rebellious cub.
In this one shot, the relationships between Packmates should be driving love, rivalry and betrayal, while external problems threaten the Pack as a whole. It will be set in the isolated rural community of Thornmoor; a sweet little village, where the local theatre has been running the same play for forty-five years, greengrocers and butchers are banned from their premises on full moons, new moons and Bank Holidays, and all buildings are constructed in a Brutalist Art-Deco style. A place most perfectly pleasant, I’m sure.
Depending on the opinions of players during character creation, this one-shot could vary in tone from grounded emotion, to soap-opera drama, or to a family sitcom al la What we Do in the Shadows.
Format: Discord (Voice and video)
Spaces: 5
Age Rating: 15
Content Advisories: This game may include body horror, unreality, blood, fantasy violence, possible depictions/discussions of mental illness, possible depictions of dominant/toxic relationships, possible player vs player. Line and veils will be discussed as part of character creation.

The Cringe House

System: Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition
GM: Tilen Voncina
Description: I will be running a modified death house from the curse of Strad, however the theme for the PCs is kinda cringy early 2000s emo kids. If you want to play edge-gar Allan Poe this is the game for you.
Format: Discord (Voice), Roll20
Spaces: 4-5
Age Rating: 15
Content Advisories: Gore, child abandonment, dying, mentions of torture (no description), transfiguration into monsters.

The Curse of Inchgavin Hall

System: Liminal
GM: Stephen L McMorland
Description: Liminal is a brand new Urban Fantasy using a very simple mechanic, featuring all the usual tropes- Vampires, werewolves, Fae, Ghosts and magicians as well as mortals that have somehow learned the truth about The Hidden world. Set in modern Day UK. This One Off is set around the fictitious Stately Home of Inchgavin Hall, situated on a remote Island in the Highlands, players are a crew of supernatural (in both senses of the word) Investigators, bound together by circumstances. The Lady of the manor Baroness Fiona Fforbes-Grant has a problem, unearthly howling disturbs her sleep, things are disturbed in the garden and worst of all, her beloved pet poodle Muffins has disappeared! Find out the truth behind The Curse of Inchgavin Hall (I swear this is not a Scooby Doo parody).
Format: Discord (Voice and video)
Spaces: 4
Age Rating: 18
Content Advisories: Horror themes, mild violence and terror, lines and veils will be discussed. No gore.

The Disappearance of Hildred Masten

System: Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition
GM: Tree Davies
Description: While in a city searching for work, a band of adventurers discover that a nobleman has gone missing and his family are concerned. They quickly uncover dark secrets, curses, and mystery as they ask themselves: whatever happened to Hildred Masten?
Format: Discord (Voice. Video optional), Roll20 (dice and character sheets)
Spaces: 5
Age Rating: 12
Content Advisories: Cosmic horror, some gore.


System: Trophy Dark
GM: Jamie Wheeler
Description: The fairies of the woods promise a gift to anyone who can find them:
The Great Mycelium holds an army of slaves who will do whatever you like. They can act as soldiers, scribes, or servants — anything their master desires. They never tire, never need to eat or drink, and are powered by shadow and a drop of water. You set out into the forest to find the Great Mycelium and take its army for yourself.
Format: Discord (Voice. Video preferred but not required)
Spaces: 4
Age Rating: 15
Content Advisories: Fungus, Survivalism, Horror, Body Horror, Doom, Possible PVP, Play to Lose.

Mystery LLC and a Night of Fright!

System: Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition
GM: Lana Pagnier
Description: Zoinks! Mystery LLC, the area’s leading mystery solving meddlers, have received a mysterious invitation: they’ll get a fortune if they can spend a full night in a haunted house. But there are scares galore, and nothing is as it seems! They’ll need to look for clues and get to the bottom of this mystery if they want to survive—for something darker lurks beneath.
Format: Discord (Voice. Video optional), Roll20
Spaces: 5
Age Rating: 12
Content Advisories: Threats and instances of injury and death. A mix of spooky mystery solving and typical D&D violence.

Revival of a Masked Legend

System: Homebrew loosely inspired by Blades in the Dark
GM: Manuel
Description: Centuries ago, there lived a legendary thief, said to be able to steal anything. They were never caught, and whether they existed or they were just a folk tale is unclear.
Inspired by this legend, you’ve decided to take up their mantle to settle a grudge during the annual halloween party.
But, between the maze-like corridoors of the castle it’s taking place in, the eccentric host who is most definitely not a vampire, and the fact that three other people have had the exact same idea as you, there’s going to be enough complications to go around.
Format: Discord (Voice. Video optional)
Spaces: 3-4
Age Rating: PG
Content Advisories: May contain traces of vampire, potential for character death.

Then They Came…

System: Ten Candles
GM: Erik Sätterqvist
Description: This is true: the world is dark. You are astronauts aboard the international moon base Artemis. A few days ago, the sun disappeared along with the rest of the stars, leaving you in darkness. Then, the base station at earth stopped responding to your messages, leaving you isolated. Then, they came… One by one, crewmembers have started to vanish. Auxiliary power is running low, but there’s still enough left to launch the return rocket and head for home – assuming there’s a home left to return to.

Ten Candles is a collaborative storytelling game. The genre is tragic horror and all PCs will die with no exceptions.
Format: Zoom (Voice and video), Google Sheets
Spaces: 6
Age Rating: 18
Content Advisories: Despair, violence, darkness, PC death.

The Witching Hour

System: Mage: The Ascension (M20)
GM: David
Description: You are a member of the Silverlight Circle. A coven of Verbena tradition witches who practices and customs are rooted in life, the four elements of nature, and their connection to the realm of spirits.
During the festival of Samhain, the shroud which separates the dead from the living is at its thinnest, allowing the greatest opportunity to contact the deceased.

Mage allows a free form magic experience, where spells are split into 9 disciplines, called spheres. These are Life, Matter, Forces, Time, Correspondence, Spirit, Mind, Prime, and Entropy.

Your knowledge of the spheres grants you ways to influence the world, bending reality to your will. The spheres can be used alone, or in conjunction with others to create truly mesmerising effects. However, the more one pulls at the tapestry of existence, the more reality pushes back, causing one to fall to the forces of paradox.

No prior knowledge is required, and the first hour will go over the specifics of the system and the finer points of magic.
8 pre-generated characters will be provided which can be used as is, customised, or simply serve as inspiration.

Come, celebrate Samhain through magic with your coven, speak with the dearly departed and hear their pleas of help, and create your own spells to overcome whatever obstacle you face.
Format: Discord (Voice and video), Roll20 (character sheets XX and dice)
Spaces: 6
Age Rating: 15
Content Advisories: Witchcraft, blood, revenge, religion, spirits, and death.