Reptiches and Halloween One-Shots

Hey there Adventurers,

I hope you’re all enjoying your campaigns so far! We’re now coming up to the midpoint of the semester, so we’ll be letting our lovely GMs repitch their games to fill any empty spaces they have. This will also be an opportunity for new games to be pitched to the membership.

You can submit new and old here:

Reptiches will be run in the same way as pitches were, with GMs pitching their game in the voice channel and then players being allowed to sign up. We’ll be letting returning players have the first choice, then those who don’t have a game, and finally those who do already have a game.

Halloween One-Shots

This Saturday, the 30th of October at 6pm we’ll be having some spooky seasonal one-shots. We’re currently short on GMs and had over 30 people register interest beforehand, so if anyone would like to run a game, they can submit them via this form:


It’s also really important to make sure you’ve bought a membership and posted proof of purchase in the #membership-signups channel on Discord. We’ll be restricting access from today, so only confirmed members will be able to access non-public channels.

Membership can be bought on the EUSA website, students should make sure to sign in with their UoE account before purchasing so we know how many student members we have. You can sign up here:

If you need any help with either buying membership or posting proof of purchase, then you can contact us directly on Discord or at: geas.committee

May the dice be ever in your favour,

Sophie Hine

GEAS Secretary