Semester 2 Plans

Hello there, Adventurers!

Hopefully, the end of term is treating you well and you’ve got a chance to relax over the winter break. Good luck to any of you with exams in the next two days, you’re almost there!

Continuing Online
Unfortunately, we’ve had to make the decision to continue running online next semester. As things stand with EUSA room bookings, we aren’t currently able to secure a venue with a large enough capacity for the society or for the full four hours that games last. The rising concerns about the new variant and the potential return of stricter social distancing rules returning have also influenced this decision. We understand that many of you will have been looking forward to returning to in-person gaming (we were too), but with how things seem to be progressing at the moment, we won’t be returning until September 2022 at the earliest.

So for now, we’ll be continuing to run online on the GEAS Discord server in the same manner as we have been. Our first round of pitches will be taking place in mid-January, on:

  • Wednesday the 12th of January at 6pm
  • Sunday the 16th of January at 1pm
  • Sunday the 16th of January at 6pm

Submitting a Game for January
If you’re continuing a game or would like to start a new one next semester, then submissions are now open. As always, the deadline to submit your game is 24 hours before that pitch session is due to start, so the deadlines for this round of pitches are:

  • Tuesday the 11th of January at 6pm for Wednesday evening games
  • Saturday the 15th of January at 6pm for Sunday afternoon and evening games

Games can be submitted here via the usual form:

If you have any questions or concerns about us staying online, submitting a game, or anything else GEAS-related, please get in touch. We’ll be available on the Discord server as always, you can either post in the #help channel or DM one of us directly via the committee list in #about. You can also of course send us an email at geas.committee or reach us on Facebook.

For the glory of GEAS!

Sophie Hine
GEAS Secretary