January Game Submissions

Happy New Year, Adventurers!

I hope you’re all enjoying the holidays and have had a good start to the year. This is just a quick reminder that game submissions are currently open.

If you’re continuing a game or would like to start a new one this year, please make sure to register your game in time. As always, the deadline to submit your game is 24 hours before that pitch session is due to start, so the cut-off times for this round of pitches are:

  • Tuesday the 11th of January at 6pm for Wednesday evening games
  • Saturday the 15th of January at 6pm for Sunday afternoon and evening games

Games can be submitted here via the usual form: https://geas.org.uk/pitches

If you have any questions or concerns about us staying online, submitting a game, or anything else GEAS-related, please get in touch. We’ll be available on the Discord server as always, you can either post in the #help channel or DM one of us directly via the committee list in #about. You can also send us an email at geas.committee or reach us on Facebook.

For the glory of GEAS!

Sophie Hine
GEAS Secretary