AGM Links and Nomination In Absentia

Hello there, Adventurers!

As you’ll have heard by now, we’re having our AGM this Sunday at 5pm. It’s incredibly important that we meet quorum during the AGM or we won’t be able to re-register the society for next year, so we need everyone to attend if they can. We’ll be voting on several motions and electing a new committee, in addition to delivering this years reports from the President, Secretary and Treasurer.

The full agenda can be found here:

AGM Links
We’ll be holding the AGM via Zoom as we did last year and making use of the polling system. The meeting will be starting promptly, so please make sure you’re able to access the platform before the night.

Join Zoom Meeting:
Meeting ID: 838 8815 1607
Passcode: D3m0cracy

Running for Committee If You Can’t Be There

If you’d like to run for a committee position then you simply need to turn up on the night, and either nominate yourself or have a friend do so. It is possible to run for a position without attending the AGM, but we strongly suggest that you do attend as it greatly increases your odds of being elected. However, if you definitely can’t be there; you can send us a short paragraph about who your are, why you’re best suited to the role, and any plans you may have for the society if you are elected. This will be read by a one of the committee to the attending members.

A list of positions and a short description of each can be found here:

Please send your statement (along with your preferred full name, pronouns, and student status) to the GEAS email address before 1pm on Sunday the 3rd; geas.committee

See you Sunday!

Sophie Hine
GEAS Secretary