AGM Results

Hello Adventurers!

We’ve held our AGM this evening and I’m happy to announce that we have a new committee! If you’d like read the minutes of the meeting and the breakdown of votes then you can find them here:

The membership have voted to; allow the GEAS committee to make executive decisions regarding Conpulsion without an AGM, and to ratify the advisory roles of Webmaster and Equality & Wellbeing Officer in addition to creating a second E&W Officer position.

Our new committee is:

  • President – Duncan Henley-Washford
  • Secretary – Emma Mackay
  • Treasurer – Harvey Newman
  • Events Organiser – Holly Rankin
  • Socials Coordinator – Stella Segar
  • Conpulsion Liaison – Claire Bath
  • Webmaster (Advisory) – Alan Jackson
  • Equality and Wellbeing Officer (Advisory) – Vivek Santayana & Emi Booth

The members have also voted to award life membership to:

  • Vivek Santayana – for his work on updating and upholding our Welfare and Game Safety polies during his 2019-2021 tenure on committee, and his efforts to make the gaming community a safer place for all.
  • Robyn Higgins – for her warm and compassionate leadership during these unprecedented times, and her long commitment to the GEAS and it’s members.
  • Sophie Hine – for being instrumental to the running of GEAS, going above and beyond to making the society a welcoming place. (I made Robyn write this)

Good luck to our new committee, I hope that your tenure is fruitful! It’s been great serving on the GEAS committee for the last two years and I look forward to continuing gaming with you all 🙂

For the glory of GEAS!

Sophie Hine
Outgoing GEAS Secretary