Room Bookings

This years room bookings are unusual, due to Teviot being closed for refurbishment.

We have been so far unable to get a room for Sunday evening after the first week due to a lack of EUSA rooms

Time SlotDateTimeRoomNotes
Sunday Afternoon28/0113:00-17:00Braid – PleasanceGame Pitches
Sunday Evening28/0118:00 – 21:00Quaker Studio – PleasanceGame Pitches
Wednesday31/0118:45-21:45Hangar 5 Bar End – PotterrowGame Pitches
Sunday Afternoon04/0213:00-17:00Braid – Pleasance
Sunday Evening04/0218:00-21:30TBC
Wednesday07/0218:45-21:45Hangar 5 Bar End – Potterrow
Sunday Afternoon11/0213:00-17:00Braid – Pleasance
Sunday Evening11/0218:00-21:30TBC
Wednesday14/0218:45-21:45Hangar 5 Bar End – Potterrow
Sunday Afternoon18/0213:00-17:00Braid – Pleasance
Sunday Evening18/0218:00-21:30TBC
Wednesday21/0218:45-21:45Hangar 5 Bar End – Potterrow
Sunday Afternoon25/0213:00-17:00Braid – Pleasance
Sunday Evening25/0218:00-21:30TBC
Wednesday28/0218:45-21:45Hangar 5 Bar End – PotterrowRe-Pitches
Sunday Afternoon03/0313:00-17:00Braid – PleasanceRe-Pitches
Sunday Evening03/0318:00-21:30TBCRe-Pitches
Wednesday06/0318:45-21:45Hangar 5 Bar End – Potterrow
Sunday Afternoon10/0313:00-17:00Braid – Pleasance
Sunday Evening10/0318:00-21:30TBC
Wednesday13/0318:45-21:45Hangar 5 Bar End – Potterrow
Sunday Afternoon17/0313:00-17:00Braid – Pleasance
Sunday Evening17/0318:00-21:30TBC
Wednesday20/0318:00-21:30Hangar 5 Bar End – Potterrow
Sunday Afternoon24/0313:00-17:00Braid – Pleasance
Sunday Evening24/0318:00-21:30TBC
Wednesday27/0318:00-21:30Hangar 5 Bar End – Potterrow
Sunday Afternoon31/0313:00-17:00No room due to conpulsion
Sunday Evening31/0318:00-21:30No room due to conpulsion
Wednesday03/0418:45-21:45Hangar 5 Bar End – Potterrow