Sunday Evening Game Lists Sem 1 23/24

This is a listing of campaigns being pitched on the 1st of October for the evening slot. Pitches will take place at 5:30pm in Appleton Tower (probably).

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The post here is for information only, and sign-ups for games will happen live after the GMs have pitched their games.

City of Secrets

System: Urban Jungle
GM: Roderick Easton
Description: It is the 1920s, during Prohibition, in the city of San Ramon, in an anthro version of the United States. The local Federal agent has just been murdered, and a gang war is looming. Who are you and how are you going to navigate your way through the secrets and lies that throng the city?
Spaces: 3-5
Age Rating: 15
Content Advisories: Genocide, Dystopian Societies, Torture, Politics, Existentialism, Murder

The Cosmological Constant

System: D&D 5E
GM: Arif Danial bin Abdul Anshaari
Description: Humans had reached the milestone of being a multi-planet species and have colonized the solar system. However, interplanetary politics, corruption and war have set everyone back a millennium, cutting off all travel and communication between each world. After generations of evolution and speciation, each realm is now its own futuristic dystopia unaware of the existence of the other worlds except from the myths and stories preached by those who were deemed insane. However, a spark of hope appears for reunification as 6 brilliant minds manage to create (or accidentally stumble upon!) a method of communicating and meeting each other. Tone will range from philosophical and existential to straight silliness and tomfoolery, mostly sci-fi but each planet has room for customization. Themes are segregation, evolution, corruption, mystery and of course, betrayal. No PC permanent death, each player gets to customize their home planet as well (I’ll guide you, don’t worry ;))
Spaces: 6
Age Rating: 15
Content Advisories: Genocide, Dystopian Societies, Torture, Politics, Existentialism, Murder

The Curse of Hester’s Mill

System: Trophy Gold
GM: Lisa
Description: You are a band of treasure-hunters seriously down on your luck. However, you recently learnt about the abandoned village of Hester’s Mill in Toren’s Bend, which has been uninhabited for over a century due to rumours of a curse that had been placed on it. The governor of Fort Duhrin has placed a sizable bounty for anyone who can remove this curse and prove its safety to the inhabitants of Toren’s Bend.

With nothing left to lose, you head off to the village.

This is a dark fantasy game that will include collaboration from the players to help build up the world and create consequences for one another in failed rolls! This will be my first homebrew campaign. No previous ttrpg experience is required.
Spaces: 5
Age Rating: 18
Content Advisories: Graphic violence, body horror, animal harm, snakes, human sacrifice, religion

The Forlorn Star System

System: SW5e (Dungeons and Dragons 5e Expansion)
GM: Jack Reynolds
Description: The Outer Rim has long been a place of idealised freedom, especially on Ord Mantell, known as the gateway to the Outer Rim it is a melting pot of cultures and ideas, at least before the Empire. Four years after the fall of the Republic the Empire controls the majority of the Outer Rim, though their control is loose, their presence is feared. However, Crime syndicates still dominate the Outer Rim with their might. Still many flock to Ord Mantell forging their own paths, be they Criminals, Socialites, Scholars, Mercenaries, Pioneers, Adventurers, those working an honest living or even Force Users fleeing the Empire, countless stories begin here…

In this campaign, set in the Star Wars Universe, players will choose their own destinies, finding fortune, fame and confronting their past hunting for a lost star system and uncovering unsettling plots orchestrated by an unknown force all while encountering the major factions that are just taking root in the Galaxy.
Spaces: 6
Age Rating: 15
Content Advisories: Undead, Gang Violence, Substance Use, General Violence, Oppression (by the Empire)

Impossible Landscapes

System: Delta Green
GM: Jamie Wheeler
Description: A horror freed from an antique book reverberates through reality, shaking things, reordering them and making them run like wax. Madness pursues at every turn, baring its teeth to speak your name, and you can’t escape because it’s inside you. But don’t despair. There is hope. A King waits for us. Beyond the tumbledown façade of the world, through the twists and tunnels of the human imagination, past the edge of everything sane, the King waits in the country of Carcosa. The place all madmen go. There, and only there, is the answer to everything. The last answer.

This campaign explores the “King in Yellow” mythos. Spanning decades, it concerns a missing woman, a mysterious play that drives people insane, a terrible symbol called the Yellow Sign, an asylum, a country that doesn’t exist, and the end of the world. Agents skate the edge of a mystery that unravels their existence. They struggle to find a way back from a fictional place that has somehow manifested into reality: the Kingdom of Carcosa.

Your characters are agents of Delta Green. Delta Green is a criminal conspiracy inside the United States federal government. Its mission is to investigate,
contain, and conceal unnatural events, because the unnatural is real and it kills. The world of Delta Green is like our own, but beyond the edges of reality are powers that outstrip the human mind’s capacity for understanding. Sometimes those powers bleed through into our world and destroy everything they touch.
Spaces: 5
Age Rating: 18
Content Advisories: cosmic horror; surreal horror; psychological horror, gas-lighting; mental health issues; psychiatric facilities; combat, when unavoidable, is deadly; one subplot has mention of harm to children (adaptable as required)

The River of Memories

System: Monster of the Week
GM: Holly Rankin
Description: There exists a small town plagued by odd occurrences through which a river runs. Despite the innumerable deaths and tragedies, no one ever seems to leave. However, recently new developments in the town have brought more residents, and with them more questions. Why is the town so hard to leave? What causes all the deaths, and why does no wider authority notice them? What’s that strange sound outside your window?!

The players will be all be residents in the town, and hopefully hunt down some monsters and solve some mysteries. You could be a group of established monster hunters, people living double lives, a neighbourhood watch, a band, or even night shift workers at a local business.

Monster of the Week is a story based, powered by the apocalypse system. This game will be set in the modern day, and feature some horror elements. As a group we can discuss how horrory we want it to be, as we could do it more spooky Scooby doo style.
Spaces: 5
Age Rating: 15
Content Advisories: Horror, death, common phobias, violence, (I.e. spiders, snakes, heights)

The Ruins of Runet

System: DnD 5e
GM: Charles
Description: Runet was a world of magic. The air was filled with the beating of dragon wings, the oceans sang with the songs of the Salton kingdoms, and on the land the enchanted peoples built palaces and temples of magic.

But that all changed.

The gods abandoned Runet, taking with them their magic. In an instant entire kingdoms shattered. Entire peoples, those composed and born from elemental forces, vanished entirely.

Where once great halls of the magical arts stood, now stand towering walls of stone and iron. Magic is the realm of dusty tomes and fairytales.

Until now. Magic is returning to Runet. No one knows the source of this new magic, no one knows why now, and no one knows how long this all may last.

Across the lands of Runet, rulers and masters of ancient orders, call out for adventurers, the goal? To find and to control this new source of magic, by any means necessary.

Setting: Homebrew, Runet

Themes: Exploration, Conspiracy, Magic, Etc.
Spaces: 4
Age Rating: 18
Content Advisories: Existential horror, eldritch horror, fantasy-typical violence, criminal activity, possible player character death, gore/mild body horror, death, religious themes, psychological horror, etc. Hard limits will be discussed at Session Zero.

Stormlight Archive

System: —
GM: Basti
Description: Welcome to Roshar Worldhoppers! A world of constant storms, alien like monsters, ancient gods and the mysterious fae creatures known as spren. From Brandon Sanderson’s Cosmere, join me and your fellow knight radiants as the true desolation comes upon us and we must take up arm against the voidbringers! In what seems like an never ending apocalypse, only your task force of knights with the magic bestowed upon them can shift the tide of war. Will you take the oath?

– New and veteran rpg players welcome.

– fans of the books are encouraged as it goes into spoilers but if you’re not fussed then neither am I.

“Journey before Destination”
Spaces: 3-6
Age Rating: 18
Content Advisories: Genocide, gore, natural disasters, severe weather. I won’t broach any topics players are uncomfortable with

Tales from Reverie

System: Dungeons and Dragons 5e
GM: Graye Goldsmith
Description: For many years, the continent of Reverie has been lost to time, shrouded by mists and living in mostly peace and quiet.

But now, the shroud is lifting and dark forces stir throughout the land. Meanwhile, in Crowne City, a group of heroes cross paths amidst a great celebration. Now, a great adventure across the land has begun.

Reverie is a homebrew world inspired by Western Europe (specifically renaissance era Europe) and uses elements of space/astrology
Spaces: 6
Age Rating: 15
Content Advisories: Horror, Violence, Fantasy, Death, Lines and Veils to be discussed in session 0