Sunday Afternoon Game Lists Sem 2 23/24

This is a listing of campaigns being pitched on the 28th of January for the afternoon slot. Pitches will take place at 1pm in the Braid room at Pleasance.

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The post here is for information only, and sign-ups for games will happen live after the GMs have pitched their games.

Aegean: Adventures in the Hellenic World

System: Aegean
GM: Stephen L McMorland
Description: In this game you are heroes of a new city in Ancient Greece, the setting is partly historical/partly mythical, there are monsters, magic and The Gods are ever -present, and very interested in what you are doing, there is an option to play as the child of one of the gods, and I would encourage this option as most of the heroes in the stories are son of a god. In addition to creating your characters, you also get to have a hand in building and running the city, a new colony somewhere along the coast of the Aegean Sea.
Spaces: 3-5
Where: If there is room,The Pleasance (Braid)
Age Rating: 18
Content Advisories: Most Lines and veils will be discussed at Session zero, I tend not to go into graphic gore descriptions.

Into the Depths

System: Heart
GM: Lisa
Description: Beneath the city of Spire is the Heart, an ever-changing network of tunnels and caves that is home to creatures and places that shouldn’t be possible. Cities and towns that would be shunned above flourish down here, home to people that have fled the Spire for whatever reason. The Heart is dangerous, yet highly rewarding to those who brave its depths.
At least, that’s what you’ve heard. You have banded with your group to leave the world above behind and venture into Heart, and what you do with your newfound freedom is fully in your hands.
This is a story-heavy game about a group of adventurers (you) going into Heart, the city beneath. The further down you go- and closer to the true Heart itself -the stranger reality gets. This is a horror/adventure game with the main goal being to watch your character complete their story and achieve their goals (or not).
Spaces: 5
Where: GEAS bookings
Age Rating: 18
Content Advisories:Addiction, drugs, body horror, violence, mentions of slavery, animal cruelty

Impossible Landscapes

System: Delta Green
GM: Jamie Wheeler

Note: continuing game, moved from Sunday evening due to lack of room booking.

A horror freed from an antique book reverberates through reality, shaking things, reordering them and making them run like wax. Madness pursues at every turn, baring its teeth to speak your name, and you can’t escape because it’s inside you. But don’t despair. There is hope. A King waits for us. Beyond the tumbledown façade of the world, through the twists and tunnels of the human imagination, past the edge of everything sane, the King waits in the country of Carcosa. The place all madmen go. There, and only there, is the answer to everything. The last answer.

This campaign explores the “King in Yellow” mythos. Spanning decades, it concerns a missing woman, a mysterious play that drives people insane, a terrible symbol called the Yellow Sign, an asylum, a country that doesn’t exist, and the end of the world. Agents skate the edge of a mystery that unravels their existence. They struggle to find a way back from a fictional place that has somehow manifested into reality: the Kingdom of Carcosa.

Your characters are agents of Delta Green. Delta Green is a criminal conspiracy inside the United States federal government. Its mission is to investigate,
contain, and conceal unnatural events, because the unnatural is real and it kills. The world of Delta Green is like our own, but beyond the edges of reality are powers that outstrip the human mind’s capacity for understanding. Sometimes those powers bleed through into our world and destroy everything they touch.

20 years have now passed since the original agents closed an incursion at the cost of one of their number. They have now been requested to attend a new mission briefing. Paranoid as they are, they investigated any leads they could find prior to attending, and have uncovered damning evidence that the King in Yellow has returned.
Spaces: 5
Where: GEAS room
Age Rating: 18
Content Advisories:cosmic horror; surreal horror; psychological horror, gas-lighting; mental health issues; psychiatric facilities; combat, when unavoidable, is deadly; one subplot references the murder of children