Fresher’s Week Continued

Thanks to everyone who came yesterday, and an extra special thanks to Sam for organising it all. Everyone had a great time, I think, and it was cool to see so many new faces. Don’t forget, we’ve got games running on Sunday at Teviot, with the first session running from 1-5 and the second from 6-10. Come along and give something a try!

Fresher’s Week

Fresher’s Week begins on Monday 14th September, and we have a few events going on for anyone who is interested:

On Wednesday 16th there is a social event at the Meadows Bar, beginning at 7:30. Activities will include ‘light hearted frivolity’, various games, biscuit making, and most likely drinking.

On Sunday 20th there will be the usual ‘Introduction to Roleplaying’ taking place at Teviot. There will be two sessions, one from 1-5 and the other from 6-10.

We’re also running a stall at the Fresher’s Fair, which takes place on Wednesday and Thurdsday.

New GEAS website

As promised, we finally have a new GEAS website up.

GEAS (Grand Edinburgh Adventurers Society) is Edinburgh Universities roleplaying society.

We are on summer break at the moment, but more details will be forthcoming before next term.