Reptiches, Membership and EGM

Hello there adventurers,

Just a quick reminder that repitches are this week. GMs will be advertising empty spaces in their games and players will have a chance to join a different game if they’d like.
Repitches will be during our usual slots:

  • Wednesday at 6pm
  • Sunday at 1pm and 6pm

This is also the last reminder to buy your GEAS membership before repitches. We’ve started to restrict access on members-only channels but you can get back in by posting proof of purchase to the #membership-signups channel on our Discord, check the pinned post there for more information:

Membership is free for this semester and only £1.50 for after Christmas, buy it here:

We also have an EGM ballot closing this week on Friday 6th at 6pm. The committee would like to appoint a Social Media Manager to handle the society’s online presence, as well as have the ability to appoint urgently needed Advisory Committee members without holding an EGM. We also aim to clarify how the Disciplinary Procedure applies to lifetime members.
As usual only students are allowed to vote (sorry folks), and you need to sign in with your UoE Office account. The ballot can be found here:

Stay safe out there,
Sophie Hine
GEAS Secretary