Welcome Back

Greetings Adventurers!
Welcome back to GEAS! Hopefully you’ve made the most of the summer and are ready to get back to the gaming. We’ve got a lot happening this month and thus a lot of information to pass on, so buckle in for a long one.

If you missed our last email, then it’s important that you know that GEAS will be continuing to run online for this semester. If you’d like to know more about this choice, you can find our last email here:

GEAS memberships are now live on our EUSA page! We’re currently having some issues with sales, specifically to non-students. We’re waiting to hear back from EUSA on the issue and will let you know when it’s been resolved. We won’t start chasing people up on purchasing membership till later in the term, so please don’t worry if you can’t currently buy it.
As always prices are the same for student and non-student members, with Semester 1 membership costing £1.50 and Full Year membership costing £3.00. It can be purchased here:

Events this Month

  • Wed 15th September (6pm-10pm): Welcome Week One-Shots
  • Fri 17th September (6pm-10pm): GEAS Pub Quiz and Social
  • Wed 22nd September (6pm-10pm): Semester 1 Wednesday Game Pitches
  • Sun 26th September (1pm-5pm): Semester 1 Sunday Afternoon Game Pitches
  • Sun 26th September (6pm-10pm): Semester 1 Sunday Evening Game Pitches

If you’d like to come and speak to us in person, members of the committee will be manning a stall for GEAS at the Activities Fair in Bristo Square between 2pm and 5pm on Thursday 16th of September.
Welcome Week One-Shots
There’s less than 48 hours to go until one-shots, so here’s the games currently running tomorrow night:

All members are welcome to attend but newcomers will have priority and will be allowed first choice of games.

Game Submissions
If you’d like to run a game at either our One-Shot event or at our weekly sessions, then you can register your game up until 24 hours before the event is due to start. This means that Welcome Week one-shots can be submitted until Tuesday 14th September at 6pm (that’s tonight!) here:

Weekly games can be submitted up until Tuesday 21st September at 6pm for games running on Wednesdays and Saturday 25th September at 6pm for games running during our Sunday slot. You can submit for all three slots using this form:

For the glory of GEAS!

Sophie Hine