2012 Gaming Sessions

Merry Christmas, Grand Adventurers

I hope your holidays are merry or otherwise enjoyable. Here are the specifics about the GEAS bookings for the spring.

Wednesdays (6pm – 10pm): The first session is January 18th in the Dining room. Then there is one week where there is no official session, so the second session is on February 1st, also in the Dining room. Then there is another skip week, but after that, all sessions should be running. All sessions after the second skip are in the Study.

Sundays (1pm – 5pm and 6pm – 10pm): The first Sunday session is January 22nd. Sundays are in the Dining room with a few exceptions. On January 29th (second week) and February 19th there are no official evening sessions and the sessions on March 25 are completely cancelled. On February 2nd and 19th, as well as April 29th, we will be in the Billiard room in the afternoon.

Hopefully, I should be around so that I can tell everyone what’s going on.

New GEAS committee


El Presidente – Sam MacAdam – returning from behind the throne.
Secretary – Jonatan, swapping seats again.
treasurer – Erich Essmann
Librarian – Malin Sandell
Webmaster – Alan Jackson, continuing his tradition of mismanagement
Nationals un-coordinator – Euan Reid
Conpulsion – TBC depending on whether Sandy survives next weeks festivities.
President of Vice – Stuart Petrie

Elected in one of the shortest AGMs on record (20 minutes!)

Semester 2 Games

If you’d like to see your game here, drop us an email and I’ll edit this post to include yours too.

If you’d like to join any of these games, or check availability, email us and we’ll hook you up with the GM in question.

Wednesday Afternoons-

GM: Jakub. “The game is going to be a mini-campaing (about 6 sessions) with chances of continuation if players want it (and I have enough time). The campaign is inspired by and mostly follows the example of Stephen King’s “The Dark Tower” series, especially first part “Gunslinger”. PC will take part in the story closesly related to the first part of the book – chase after the evil sorcerer and several adventures connected to it.
The mechanic I use is Spellslinger d20 which connects wild west and fantasy/magic settings. With a few modifications I believe it fits pretty good to the setting. I am going to make it a low magic dark fantasy with quite a bit of shoot-outs and some choices with grim consequences to be made. I can also describe the world and mechanics in more details if needed.”

(Hopefully there’ll be more games up here super soon!)

Thankyou, Sam (GEAS President)

Games Starting Sunday 20th

Hello everyone, just a little update telling you some of the games we have on offer. These will be updated each week with the number of spaces left. Also if you have a request send an email (geas.committee@gmail.com) or leave a comment and we’ll see what we can do about it!

Remember on Sundays we’re in Teviot Mezzanine, and on Wednesdays we’re in the Pleasance – meet at the bar to find GMs/rooms.

Wednesday 1-5
-(7th Oct): Celtic Legends or Feng Shui or BESM (anime game: any genre or setting depending on players) or World’s Simplest RPG system

Wednesdays 6-10
-Nautical Campaign D&D 3.5
-Dark Future (sci-fi)

Sundays 1-5
-(3rd October): systemless superheroes and supervillains game.

-Space 1889
-The Compassionate and the Merciful (Homebrew Fantasy)
-Orpheus, ghost stories for ghosts (probably best for experienced RPers due to the slightly complex system)
-D&D 2nd edition
-Star Trek
-D&D 4th edition
-Refractions (creepy)

Sundays 6-10
-Dark Future
-Deleted (espionage thriller)
-Mouseguard: Tiny Heros
-Torchwood 1923. Steampunk madness
-4th Edition D&D

See you on Sunday,
(GEAS President)

Fresher’s Week Continued

Thanks to everyone who came yesterday, and an extra special thanks to Sam for organising it all. Everyone had a great time, I think, and it was cool to see so many new faces. Don’t forget, we’ve got games running on Sunday at Teviot, with the first session running from 1-5 and the second from 6-10. Come along and give something a try!

Fresher’s Week

Fresher’s Week begins on Monday 14th September, and we have a few events going on for anyone who is interested:

On Wednesday 16th there is a social event at the Meadows Bar, beginning at 7:30. Activities will include ‘light hearted frivolity’, various games, biscuit making, and most likely drinking.

On Sunday 20th there will be the usual ‘Introduction to Roleplaying’ taking place at Teviot. There will be two sessions, one from 1-5 and the other from 6-10.

We’re also running a stall at the Fresher’s Fair, which takes place on Wednesday and Thurdsday.

New GEAS website

As promised, we finally have a new GEAS website up.

GEAS (Grand Edinburgh Adventurers Society) is Edinburgh Universities roleplaying society.

We are on summer break at the moment, but more details will be forthcoming before next term.