EUSA Mental Health and Wellbeing ‘Week’

Greetings Adventurers!

As you probably know, EUSA is running their mental health and well-being ‘week’ between 9 and 27 November. As part of this initiative, a lot of societies are having a #WellbeingWednesday campaign, and we at Geas are also going to do something similar.

We on the Committee acknowledge that these times are really stressful: not only are there the usual stressors of university, financial pressures, work, personal circumstances, our health, and the wellbeing of people we care about, but all this is further exacerbated by the ongoing pandemic and the challenges of everything moving on-line. A lot of us are feeling isolated and anxious because of lockdown, social distancing, and the ongoing crisis. In acknowledging this, we want to reassure everyone that it’s okay to feel this way, and that we’re not alone through these times. It’s okay to reach out and seek support. It’s nothing to be ashamed of.

If you feel the current situation is affecting your well-being, or if you need support or help, then you can check out the resources that EUSA have compiled here:

In addition, I’ve compiled a list of other resources at the University on our #uni-related channel on Discord.

We appreciate that for a lot of us, gaming is an activity that helps us cope. It is a source of consistent social interaction, an outlet for creativity, and fun! So we’re going to be joining in with other societies with our own little Geas #WellbeingWednesday initiative! As part of this initiative, there are three things we would like our members to do:

1) Take Long Rests if you need them: Remember, your well-being comes first: it’s okay to back out of a game or skip out on a few sessions if you are not feeling up for it. It’s okay to step back for a bit until you have a Long Rest and recover your Spell Slots.
2) Lean into the Social and check in with everyone: It really helps to spend the first and last 15 minutes of a session to check in with each other in your game. Just chat about how you’re feeling about playing, and how things have been going. The chit-chat at the start of the session is a great way to get warmed up and to get to know each other at the table, and to give us an opportunity to know if there’s something we need to be sensitive of.
3) Roll with Insight and Listen for How Everyone is Feeling: It can make a huge difference if people at the table listen to how everyone else is doing before and after a session, and adjust their session accordingly. Speaking from experience, I was gaming once when I had a bad few days, so I talked to everyone at the table and asked that we take it slow for the session, or that we take a few breaks, which really helped! We’re not saying that you can solve problems or issues others may be having, but at the very least you can adapt your session so that it is inclusive to people who might be feeling a bit off their game for whatever reason.

(Now we know this is technically called #WellbeingWednesday, but we’re going to cheat a little and ask the same for our Wednesday and our Sunday games. This doesn’t just apply to this week; it’s actually a great habit to get into when gaming generally.)

As always, if you’re having any issues at Geas that you feel is affecting your enjoyment of your games, you are welcome to get in touch with me at Geas.Welfare, or anyone else on the committee.

Rolling Comfort and Support,
Vivek Santayana
Equality and Wellbeing Officer

November Social

Hey Adventurers,

Just writing to remind you that our November social is coming up on the 20th of this month, at 7:00 pm on our Discord!

Come play a few rounds of JackBox and Among Us, chat with your party members, meet other members, maybe even … summon an ancient unknowable horror? Fall in love with the eldritch being? Settle down, start a family? The possibilities are endless!

Link to the Discord:

Link to the Facebook event, if you’d like to be reminded of it on there:

Our final social of the semester will be on December 18, and we’ll be sending out a schedule for socials and events in term 2 around the start of the new term.

See you there!

Stella Segar
Socials Coordinator

Social Media Manager Opportunity

Hey there adventurers,
We recently had an EGM to create the role of Social Media Manager, and the society voted to pass the motion. So now that the job exists, we’re looking for someone to fill it.

Obviously a Social Media Manager manages the media, and in this case that primarily means the society’s Facebook, Twitter and future Instagram page. Various committee members currently maintain these sites but, as GEAS is now entirely online, we’re finding it hard to keep the content we’re posting consistent. The new position is expected to keep the information posted across these platforms consistent, informative, and engaging.

It’s key that the person appointed is confident using social media and navigating the internet in general, though experience on all of our platforms isn’t necessary. They won’t be expected to run the society’s accounts entirely by themselves, the rest of the committee will continue to post announcements and interact via them.

Duties will include:

  • Updating the societies social media pages
  • Creating graphics to advertise society events
  • Posting smaller, easily accessible versions of longer emails and posts
  • Engaging with the wider gaming community via social media
  • Organising and advertising livestreams

If you’re interested in helping us get our social media into shape, send a short paragraph about why you’re suited to the role, before 6pm on the 15th November, to:


May the odds be ever in your favour,

Sophie Hine
GEAS Secretary

November 2020 Sunday Evening Re-Pitch Listing

This is a listing of campaigns being pitched on Sunday, 8 November 2020. Evening pitches will take place at 6 pm on the Geas Discord server. These games will take place on Sundays at the same time slot every week.

To sign up to a game, please join the Geas Discord at

The post here is for information only, and sign-ups for games will happen on Discord after the GMs have pitched their games live. Continue reading “November 2020 Sunday Evening Re-Pitch Listing”

November 2020 Sunday Afternoon Re-Pitch Listings

This is a listing of campaigns being pitched in the afternoon on Sunday, 8 November 2020. Afternoon pitches will take place at 1 pm on the Geas Discord server. These games will take place on Sunday afternoons at the same time slot every week.

To sign up to a game, please join the Geas Discord at

The post here is for information only, and sign-ups for games will happen on Discord after the GMs have pitched their games live. Continue reading “November 2020 Sunday Afternoon Re-Pitch Listings”

Reptiches, Membership and EGM

Hello there adventurers,

Just a quick reminder that repitches are this week. GMs will be advertising empty spaces in their games and players will have a chance to join a different game if they’d like.
Repitches will be during our usual slots:

  • Wednesday at 6pm
  • Sunday at 1pm and 6pm

This is also the last reminder to buy your GEAS membership before repitches. We’ve started to restrict access on members-only channels but you can get back in by posting proof of purchase to the #membership-signups channel on our Discord, check the pinned post there for more information:

Membership is free for this semester and only £1.50 for after Christmas, buy it here:

We also have an EGM ballot closing this week on Friday 6th at 6pm. The committee would like to appoint a Social Media Manager to handle the society’s online presence, as well as have the ability to appoint urgently needed Advisory Committee members without holding an EGM. We also aim to clarify how the Disciplinary Procedure applies to lifetime members.
As usual only students are allowed to vote (sorry folks), and you need to sign in with your UoE Office account. The ballot can be found here:

Stay safe out there,
Sophie Hine
GEAS Secretary

November 2020 Wednesday Re-Pitch Listings

This is a listing of campaigns being pitched on Wednesday, 4 November 2020. Pitches will take place at 6 pm on the Geas Discord server. These games will take place on Wednesdays at the same time slot every week.

To sign up to a game, please join the Geas Discord at

The post here is for information only, and sign-ups for games will happen on Discord after the GMs have pitched their games live.

183: A Dead Desert Town

System: Dungeons and Dragons 5e
GM: Yves-Pearl
Description: They buried the dead far beyond Map’s Edge, out in the desert where they wouldn’t be disturbed. As the years went by and the graveyard grew and the journey out into the inhospitable waste of sand a grew too. Eventually it took days to take a body out, bury it, hold a service and return. So they built a town, amid of the acres of  barrows and tombs.
Its name is bigger than its population but of late its had far more folks passing through. Some of them have been venturing out past the vast boneyard and into the unforgiving desert beyond. Lights on the horizon in the dead of  night, whispers echoing off the canyons and more new faces than 183 has seen since its foundations were laid.
What has come to life out in 183?
(Part creeping eldritch horror part magical western, can I get a spooky yeehaw)
Format: voice & video on discord, there will be a shared google drive too.
Spaces: 4 to 5
Age Rating: 18
Content Advisories: Discussion of death and death rites, possible discussion mind control/hypnosis/gaslighting, some eldritch horror stuff

A Deal with the Devil

System: Pathfinder 2e
GM: Declan Kelly
Description: Years ago you made a deal with a devil for your soul, and today you received a mysterious letter from a stranger about getting it back. Elements of dark fantasy, planar travel, with a semi-serious tone but I welcome some player antics. Higher level campaign, leveling up by story progress, no Chaotic Evil characters.
Format: I’ll be running it on Roll20 but use discord for chat options
Spaces: 4
Age Rating: 18
Content Advisories: Body Horror, Religious themes, Morally Grey Choices

Drunk Space Pirate

System: Drunk Space Pirate (Homebrew)
GM: Morgan Kane
Description: Drunk Space Pirate is a collaborative storytelling game where everyone is the GM, because I’m a profoundly lazy person. In it, you have only three stats: Drunk, Space, and Pirate. In it, there is only one immutable rule: No happy endings. You are a merry (and very intoxicated) band of outcasts, rogues, hedonists, and swashbucklers, with a knack for escaping even the most dire of situations. It is after one such situation that we begin every session, as you, the only survivors, recount the tale to anyone who’ll listen over a pint or twelve, embellishing and omitting details as you see fit. Expect a lot of “Pirates of the Carribean – but in space!”-style action comedy, a big helping of hilarious sociopathy and backstabbing bastardry, and a generous sprinkling of incredibly cheap “oh, you like this character I made up? What if I kill them in front of you?” to taste.
Format: Voice (and video, if possible), with Google Sheets for character sheets/notes.
Spaces: 5
Age Rating: 15
Content Advisories: Strong Language, Excessive Alcohol Abuse, Imitable Behaviour, Swashbuckling, Comic Violence, Incredibly Serious Violence, Incredibly Gruesome Violence That May Or May Not Still Be Really Funny Depending On Your Sense Of Humour, and Moderate-to-Severe Peril.

A Hole in the Oak

System: Old School Essentials (aka D&D basic from 1981)
GM: Jamie Wheeler
Description: A hole in an old oak tree leads characters down to a maze of twisting, root-riddled passageways, the chambers of an ancient wizard-complex, and the banks of an underground river where once a reptile cult built their temples.
A dungeon crawl with simple rules, fragile/inept characters and (hopefully) cunning plans.
Format: voice/video probably also roll20 when I figure out how to use it
Spaces: 5
Age Rating: 15
Content Advisories: None that I’ve spotted yet.

Masks: a New Generation

System: Masks: a New Generation (PbtA)
GM: Vivek Santayana
Description: Now that the PCs have defeated the swarm of alien killer bees that were attempting to invade Earth, they are about to face their biggest and most harrowing threat yet: Prom. Masks is a game about teenagers dealing with the challenges of growing up, like self image, friendship, and the expectations of adults, while also just happening to be a team of superheroes with incredible powers out to save the world and make their mark in the history of superheroes. So an average day in secondary school involves fighting over the best table in the cafeteria, trying to find a date for Prom, and stopping an evil supervillain from destroying the city. You know, regular teenage things.
The tone of the game is that of teen superhero comics like X Men and Young Avengers. Players will play teenagers with awesome superpowers but very little self-control. The mechanics lean heavily on the emotional drama between characters. This is a Powered by the Apocalypse game, so it’s mechanically very simple and it focuses on the story. Players will have the opportunity to define elements of the world and the story, and I will be improvising heavily with that.
Format: Zoom voice and video, Discord for rolling dice.
Spaces: 3 to 5
Age Rating: 12
Content Advisories: The game may include romance depending on how players create their characters. There will be abstract, cartoon or comic book violence or threats, but no detailed or graphic depictions of violence.

Outlaws of Mt Hua

System: Hearts of Wulin
GM: Joe McLaughlin
Description: *All Under Heaven lies before Qin Shi Huangdi, the self declared “Son of Heaven”. All the petty kingdoms that once warred for dominance have fallen before the state of Qin. In this age of tyranny, cruelty is rife. But hope endures. The bravest sword-masters and sages have taken to the wilds, living beyond Imperial control and keeping resistance alive against all hope… *
A Wuxia-style adventure set in Qin Dynasty China, inspired by tales of high adventure like the Water Margin and Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon. Play larger than life heroes that have taken up arms against Qin tyranny. Confront not only the emperor’s servants but the complex networks of competing relationships and loyalties that surround you. Sacrifices must be made, bonds of kinship and brotherhood tested, and evil overcome.
Format: Voice only.
Spaces: 5
Age Rating: 15
Content Advisories: Strong Violence, Threat, References to authoritarianism and repression

Rock, Paper, Sand

System: Call of Cthulhu 7e
GM: Jules
Description: We first meet our Investigators in the brightly lit foyer of Mottkins & Rumpterfrabble attorney at law, as they await the reveal of professor Deiggit’s will. Cheerfull sounds of the city are all left behind the heavy oaken doors of the office, as you are left alone with occasional cracks coming from the fireplace and your grim thoughts. Respected scholar, world traveller, loyal friend and a well-renown cat lover never returned to his eight beloved fluffy fellas after leaving for a relaxing vacation in Italy. Is it money, a touching hearty letter or a bone chilling mystery that the will holds? The clock strikes half past eleven – time to enter the office and see for yourselves.
Format: Discord voice + roll20
Spaces: 3 to 5
Age Rating: 18
Content Advisories: Blood, corpses and insanity

A Tale of Heroes

System: Homebrew
GM: Alan Jackson
Description: Once upon a time, it was a fantasy land of storybook grandeur. Ruled by the Good King and the Wise Queen, with heroes like the Old Sage and Bold Knight supporting. Against them stood the Dark Lord, the Sinister Sorceress and so on. Famous roles, of grand stories.
Now, they are gone.
The power of story has shattered,  scattered over hundreds of candidates. People with touches of story, possibilities for greatness.
You are some of them. What will you do with this potential?
Your group has chosen to be the heroes of a community. It’s fate is your fate. How will the story of them, and thus you grow.
Format: Zoom, custom Discord dice bot
Spaces: 2 to 3
Age Rating: 15
Content Advisories: Violence. Consequential Moral choices

Repitches, memberships and an EGM

Greetings fellow adventurers!

Spooky season is here, so it’s time for scary society activities like: repitches, chasing you for membership and, worst of all, voting!

Repitches Next Week

We’re now halfway through the semester, so it’s time for repitches! They’ll be held next week during our regular slots on Discord:

  • Wednesday 4th November at 6pm
  • Sunday 8th November at 1pm
  • Sunday 8th November at 6pm

For those of you who haven’t attended reptiches before, we like to give GMs a chance to re-advertise their game and fill empty spaces, or, start a new one if they’d like. If you’re currently in a game, your GM should ask beforehand who’s planning to stay on or give you notice that the game has come to an end. Otherwise they run just like start of term pitches, with new members having the first choice of games.

Membership Enforcement

From next Monday (2nd November) we’ll also be enforcing membership, this means if you haven’t bought membership from our EUSA page yet, and provided proof of purchase on our Discord, you won’t be able to take part in games hosted by GEAS. This first semester is free, but you still need to sign up and ‘buy’ it so that we know who’s playing.

Buy memberships here:

GEAS Discord:

Information on how to provide proof of purchase can be found in the #membership-signups! channel on the Discord.

EGM to Appoint a Social Media Manager

We also have an EGM ballot running until the 6th November.

The committee would like to appoint a Social Media Manager to help deal with the massive shift in how we advertise and operate online, additionally we’d like to be able to create urgently needed advisory roles without requiring an EGM. Finally, there’s some clarification needed on how GEAS’s Disciplinary Procedure is applied to lifetime members.

The ballot and further details can be found here:

As usual, only matriculated students can vote in the EGM and you need to sign in with your UoE Office365 account.

Keep it spooky,

Sophie Hine

GEAS Secretary

Hallowe’en One-Shots 2020 Game Listings

This is a listing of games that will be running at our Hallowe’en one-shots. Sign-ups will take place live at the start of the event, following our usual format for game pitches.

To take part, please sign up to the Geas Discord at

Please note that pitches will start at 6 pm on 24 October. The post here is for information only, and sign-ups for games will happen on our Discord server after the games have been pitched.

Games listed in alphabetical order by title.

N.B.: this is a listing of games that have been submitted to us as of 10:30 am on Saturday. We acknowledge that there may be some last-minute submissions following the GM workshop, so some games might not be on this listing. This list may be subject to change by pitches tomorrow.

Attack of the Zombie Chipmunks!

System: D&D 5e
GM: Holly Rankin
Description: I know what you’re thinking. “Oooo, Zombie Chipmunks, just how scary can they be?” The answer? Pretty terrifying. You are a group of paranormal investigators. If someone has an issue with those things that go bump in the night, you guys are the people to call. Ghosts? Easy job. Vampires? No problem. But this one’s odd, even by your standards. But really, who’s ever heard of a plague of zombie chipmunks before? Your goal is simple: Investigate the causes of, and stop, this horrific plague. This will be a spooky, comedic game rather than a full-on horror one. Pre-generated characters will be provided. Knowledge of D&D is not required but would be helpful.
Format: Voice with video if people want it.
Spaces: 4 to 6
Age Rating: 12
Content Advisories: Cartoony violence is likely, any graphic descriptions will be avoided. Death of cute forest animals is unavoidable.

Harvest Moon

System: Call of Cthulhu 7e.
GM: Matthew Kirby
Description: 1892, the last days of may draw near in the small German barony of Allenberg, and the denizens prepare to celebrate the Harvest Moon, one of the locale’s many peculiarities. Ensconced in the rolling Rhineland mountains, Allenberg has been allowed to thrive in obscurity over the centuries. However recent administrative changes in the overarching Duchy have brought attention to some anomalies in the province, notably the deaths that take place every year, without explanation. The Duke has hired a team of experts, and others who were available on short notice, to venture into Allenberg, and investigate. If you want to experience 19th century Germany as portrayed by someone who knows almost nothing about Germany, or a plot ripped straight from a bunch of occult rock songs, this is the one-shot for you. Allenberg is fictional, but Germany is real.
Format: Voice only, with Roll20
Spaces: 5
Age Rating: 18
Content Advisories: Warning: Historical innacuracies, potentially gruesome combat, and intention to spook.

Haunted Nation: Episode 24

System: World of Darkness
GM: Craig Oxbrow
Description: A live streaming exploration of an abandoned country house that’s said to be haunted. Is anybody there…?
Format: Voice and/or video
Spaces: 4 to 6
Age Rating: 15
Content Advisories: Violence, blood

Haunting on the Orient express

System: Inspectres
GM: Craig Barnes
Description: The year is 1934 and mankind rolls forward into the future on thousands of miles of iron rail. And if you have the funds you can travel in style and luxury on a train moving at previously unfathomable speeds. The Orient Express is one such train. Paris to Instanbul in a flash! And the wealthy flock to it for the experience of a cross continental trip. You however, can’t afford a ticket. You can barley keep your business running. As people embraced science and tossed aside superstition, they’ve had less and less need for professional ghost hunters. But today you received a letter, with money enclosed and a promise of more if you can travel post haste to Paris for an urgent job. How hard could it be?
Format: Discord and Roll20
Spaces: 6
Age Rating: 15
Content Advisories: Ghosts, murder and light violence

The House of Poe

System: D&D 5e
GM: Caitlin Flavell
Description: A creepy one-shot adventure inspired by the works of Edgar Allen Poe. Our brave adventurers are invited to explore the house of a reclusive author, and discover the horrors within…
Format: Video preferred but will discuss with players.
Spaces: 6
Age Rating: 15
Content Advisories: Contains: horror, body horror, graphic violence, strong degree of grossness.

Nightmare Ascendant

System: Courage – a brand new homebrew system of my own devising
GM: Stephen McMorland
Description: Fear is dangerous, it lurks in The Dreaming, fed by Dread and Nightmare, usually it remains inchoate, intangible but sometimes, oh yes, sometimes The shadows have claws, the whispers have teeth and then…people die. The Brave are those few with the courage and the strength to combat fear armed with their wits, some knowledge and the power of Courage. This game uses a very simple mechanic to recreate the adventures of heroes who use courage to fight against fear, this will be a playtest of sorts so be aware that things might seem a but rough and ready.
Format: Video and voice, probably on Discord
Spaces: 3 to 6
Age Rating: 18
Content Advisories: This game explores fear, phobia, the unnerving and disquieting terrors which lurk in the shadows of our psyche, so be aware this is a psychological horror game

Overnight Stay

System: D&D 5e
GM: Kay Gillespie
Description: You and a few other people have found yourselves trapped in a supermarket overnight. Surviving until morning should be simple since you’re definitely alone in here… right? (This game uses 5e in a modern setting. Intended to be a similar level of threat and horror as an episode of Buffy/Supernatural)
Format: Will be using Roll20. Voice on Discord or Roll20. Video prefered on Roll20, but not essential
Spaces: 6
Age Rating: 15
Content Advisories: mild gore, terror, may involve discussions of Doom (2016)

Uncanny Echo: Trick or Treat

System: Uncanny Echo (PbtA)
GM: Vivek Santayana
Description: You are all a bunch of students sharing a house in the suburbs. Hallowe’en is coming up and, and the Hendersons, who live across the street, are organising a big party. This is possibly the most exciting thing to happen here for a while. The rest of the neighbourhood is frighteningly dull. But you get the feeling there is far more going on here than meets the eye. You’re not sure, but there is something off about the Hendersons’ house. You can never quite put your finger on it, and you are desperate to find out what it is about this that feels rather off. You see the decorations go up, with all the spooky cob webs and plastic spiders, carved pumpkins and papier mache skeletons, and as the day of the party draws nearer, you find yourself unable to resist the invitation.
Format: Zoom voice and video
Spaces: 3 to 4
Age Rating: 15
Content Advisories: May contain some elements of psychological horror, as well as themes of gentrification and racial/class inequalities.

Hallowe’en Events, GMs wanted, and EGM on Social Media Manager

Greetings Adventurers,

(In this email: Reminder for GM workshops, Hallowe’en One-Shots, and Online EGM)

GM Workshop Tonight
Have you had a long, thriving career as an adventurer? Are you looking to become a GM so you can guide other players through their own whacky quests? Or are you someone who has GMed before and are looking for more pointers on how to run a game (or cope with players derailing everything)? Well, you’re in luck! Geas is hosting a GM workshop tonight at 6 pm on our Twitch channel! These workshops are a great opportunity for members who were looking to get into GMing to bolster their skills.

The topic for the workshop is the basics of GMing, including picking a system and preparing for a session.
You can watch the workshop live at

You will also get a chance to ask our panel of GMs questions using the Twitch Chat. So be sure to tune in!

Hallowe’en One-Shots Tomorrow
As it’s the spooky season, we’re also having our annual Hallowe’en One-Shots tomorrow evening at 6 pm! This will take place on our Discord. If you haven’t already joined, you can do so at The event will feature a roster of spooktacular one-off games to give everyone the chills (and not just because it’s getting cold outside). We will have a listing of games going live tonight, after our one-shots, so watch our web site and our Discord for it.

If you want to play a fun and spooky game, full of ghosts and ghouls and the like, come along to our one-shots tomorrow!

GMs Wanted for One-Shots!!
We are also looking for GMs for the Hallowe’en One-Shots! It would be awesome if we could get more folx to run games tomorrow. We have a lot of new members, and the more games we have the more people that get to play. The Committee will be immensely grateful to members who sign up to GM. Like we did for Freshers’ Week, GMs for the One-Shots will get priority in picking games at the next round of campaign pitches on 4 and 8 November.

If you would like to run a game for the one-shots, you can fill in the following form:

Bonus: here’s the amazing meme Stella designed.

EGM to Appoint Social Media Manager and Make Amendments to the Constitution
In response to Geas moving on-line, the Committee needs more support to run its on-line presence. We also propose to amend the Constitution to enable the Committee to co-opt members outwith General Meetings. In addition, the Committee is also proposing clarifications to its disciplinary procedures. The Committee is holding an EGM via an on-line ballot where members can vote on these proposals. As per the requirement of two weeks notice for an EGM, the deadline for the ballot is 6 pm on 6 November 2020.

Instructions for the ballot as well as the text of the motions being voted on can be found at:

Once you have read the motions, you can vote in the ballot at:
Please note that you will need to be a matriculated student to vote in the ballot, and you will need to sign in using your University of Edinburgh Office365 account.

We hope you’re all keeping well. Take care, stay safe, and stay spooky!

Vivek Santayana
Equality and Wellbeing Officer