GEAS Fresher’s Week Newsletter

Greetings Grand Adventurers,

As you may have heard, or otherwise seen in the flyers, our Fresher’s Week Introductory One-Shots will be taking place on Saturday the 16th of September from 18:30-23:00 in the Highland Room, Pleasance, Come along and see if roleplaying is something you might enjoy, or just have some fun if you are already a fan. We highly encourage anyone interested in GMing to prepare a game in case we have an abundance of players, as a prepared GM can always just join a game as a player, but not the other way around.

There will also be a Pub Social on Friday the 22nd of September from 18:30 onward at The Southsider Pub, where you can meet and have a chat with some of our "veteran" members. Conversation topics can range anywhere from the weather, food, and games you enjoy, to the inevitable AI rebellion, time travel and other such subjects. Either way you should easily be able to find some like-minded individuals to talk to, so if you have some spare time next Friday do pop on by.

For more information don’t hesitate to contact us on this mail (geas.committee). You can also check our facebook page and site. I will be sending out another mail on Monday, further detailing how our weekly meetings work and reminding you where and when they start, but you can find some of that information in a previous post here, and on the flyer.

For the Glory of GEAS,
Tudor Ferariu
Secretary 2015-17

GEAS Fresher’s Fair

Greetings Grand Adventurers,

We need some able and willing volunteers to help with luring in unsuspecting victims new members during Fresher’s Week.

The Activities Fair will take place at 60 Pleasance on Wednesday the 13th and Thursday the 14th of September 2017 from 11am-4pm each day. There will be access from 9am to set up our table but we don’t need that much time, so I intend to be there at aprox 10:30. Our stall will be in the Tented Area behind the Salisbury Block. We should (unsurprisingly) be in the Gaming and Roleplaying area.

You don’t need to be there the entire time on both days, so just mail me if and when you’d be willing to help so I can coordinate something.

For the Glory of GEAS,

Tudor Ferariu

Secretary 2015-17

GEAS, Return of the Info-Dump (Start of Semester Edition)

Greetings Grand Adventurers,

We hope you all enjoyed your summer break and are ready for a new year of roleplaying! It’s already September and the new academic year is almost upon us, so my incessant mails will soon resume as we once again tackle our sub-optimal room bookings. But first, some information about our start of year activities.

As has been previously mentioned we will have out Fresher’s Week Introductory One-Shots on Saturday the 16th of September from 18:30-23:00 in the Highland Room, Pleasance, I’m sure everyone on the mailing list knows exactly what to expect from this event. We still need some GMs for this event, so we are on the safe side. As long as you show up it’s great, but we would appreciate you telling us that you intend to GM if you haven’t already.

There will also be a Pub Social on Friday the 22nd of September from 18:30 onward at The Southsider Pub, where we can meet again and talk after a long summer break. Take care not to scare the freshers until we can properly convert them to our ways.

Right, now Re-Pitches, despite what I said above about our rooms, the Sunday room bookings are looking quite good for this semester, it’s just Wednesday that is, as always, basically impossible to find rooms for.

  • Sunday Afternoon games will start on the 24th of September and run from 12:30-17:00 in the Teviot Study.
  • Sunday Evening games will similarly start on the 24th of September, and run from 18:30-23:00 in the Teviot Study.
  • Wednesday Evening games will start on the 20th of September, and run from 18:30-23:00, God knows where I’m still looking for a room, but let’s say the Teviot Lounge for now…

The times and places will stay the same for Sunday Evening and Afternoon games, unless otherwise specified in a future Newsletter. As for Wednesday, I’m in the process of talking something out and will have o get back to you when I have some actual answers.

Finally, the dates for next year’s National Student Roleplaying and Wargaming Competition, henceforth referred to as Student Nationals, are here! (April 6-8th, 2018) If you are interested in roleplaying with the best of the best, this is the event for you. More information to follow, but if you are interested in coming along please send our Events Coordinator Jason an email with the subject ‘Student Nationals’ at

Also we’ve moved our site to a new provider and are hoping to use that for more announcements in the future, but this mail is already way too long so I’ll mention that again in the future.

For the Glory of GEAS,
Tudor Ferariu
Secretary 2015-17

Freshers Week

Greetings Grand Adventurers,
I hope you are all enjoying the summer holidays, and the Fringe if you are back in Edinburgh. Just a short mail to advertise our now confirmed Fresher’s Week Event. It will take place on Saturday the 16th of September from 18:30-23:00 in the Highland Room, Pleasance. We need some GMs for the event to actually run the One-Shots, and would like to hear from anyone interested in GMing for this event. There’s still plenty of time until then, but it’s better to be prepared. There will also be a Fresher’s Pub Social, the Activities Fair and possibly other things to come as well.
For the Glory of GEAS,
Tudor Ferariu
Secretary 2015-17


Committee election season!!!!!

This year sees the departure of our longstanding president Angus McEwing.

Our new committee consists of:

President: Judith Spaargaren
Treasurer: Erich Essmann
Secretary: Tudor Ferariu
Socials: Jason Ebblewhite
Librarian: Matthew Barrowcliffe
Webmaster: Alan Jackson
Wellness officer: Faye Sutherland
Events: Jason Ebblewhite
Conpulsionator: Faye Sutherland

Autumn 2016 Rooms

Sunday afternoons 12:30 pm, Teviot Study.
Sunday Evenings 6:30, Teviot dining room.

Wednesdays are … complicated.
October 5th, we are homelesly wandering the Teviot.
From October 12th, we have space at the Kilderkin Pub. Though we can always try to use public space in the Teviot.

Games start 28th September and Sunday October 2nd.

Game re-starts (the best time to join, re-join or change or start games) on the 6th and 9th of November.

AGM and committee elections

As usual, Conpulsion & Events coordinators will be deferred until the next academic year.

Propulsion raises almost £300 for the Edinburgh Sick Kids Foundation.

Committee elections:
President! Angus McEwing continues his reign as eternal president.
Secretary! Tudor Ferariu re-elected. 
Treasurer! Erich Essmann persists in failing to embezzle our funds. 
Social! Joe ‘don’t vote for me’ Foster, Jason Ebblewhite & Gregor ‘a vote for me is a vote for Trump’ Hutton all nominated for the popular post of ‘piss up in a pub’ organiser. Jason won the knock down, drag out brawl that followed. 
Wellness! Faye ‘happiness is mandatory’ Sutherland continues to look after us all.  
Web! Alan Jackson continues the reign of minimalist maintenance.  
Librarian! Sam McDouall renewed in post. 

Short term games:
The vote on the contentious ‘6 week games’ occurred. The motion tabled is for the voluntary version, where games will be re-pitched every 6-8 weeks, with continuing players having priority. This would be extended to all slots. This motion passed after extended discussion. 

Rooms 2016

For the second semester here are our room bookings:

Firstly wednesdays:

Jan 20thJan 27thTeviot Dining Room
February 3rdMarch 2ndNo Room – meet in teviot and find space
March 9thApril 13thTeviot Dining Room
April 20thApril 27thNo Room
May 4thMay 18thTeviot Dining Room



Jan 17thJan 31stTeviot StudyTeviot Study
Feb 7th Teviot Dining RoomTeviot Dining Room
Feb 14th Teviot StudyTeviot Study
Feb 21st Feb 28th Potterrow Dome Pleasance Pentland
March 6th March 27thTeviot StudyTeviot Study
April 3rd No RoomNo Room
April 10th Potterrow DomeNo Room
April 17thMay 15thTeviot StudyTeviot Study

Sunday evening short game pitching will be on Jan 17th and March 6th.

Apologies that they are a bit chaotic, with half of the pleasance out of commission its very tight.

Fresher’s Week Events

The following is a summary of the events we are running throughout freshers week 2015.

Introductory One-Shot Events
On Monday the 14th at 1800 in Teviot, Study.

One-Shot start of year games
On Sunday the 20th at 1230 and then again at 1800 both in Teviot, Study.

Pub Social for new and old members
On Friday 18th from 1900 at No 1 Grange Bar.

We are also running a stall at the Societies Fair on Wednesday and Thursday between 1000 and 1600 and would welcome any of our members to come along, even for a little bit, to support GEAS.